How to Have Best Desert Safari in Dubai?

The cheapest deals in the market are not always the best desert safari deals in Dubai. Neither the best desert safari deals are always the most expensive ones. For an individual to have an amazing desert safari trip, all required is to have guts and the zeal to do something new. Once you have made your mind to get set on the adventurous journey, next most important thing which can really impact your journey is the choice of desert safari package.

About Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is a combination of multiple experiences like dune bashing, camel ride, traditional BBQ dinner and cultural entertainment in the camp. It is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai which people visit over and over again during their stay in the city. To ensure that the experience of desert safari lasts for lifetime you must pick the best package and deal available in the market.

Overnight Desert Safari

By choosing this package you will get the chance to visit the glorious desert and experience its beauty at night. During your safari, you can watch the skies turning blue from amber. Moreover, you can also witness golden sunset and then the astounding sunrise. After the sunset, you can spend night in desert camp under the blanket of stars, and then welcome the beautiful day with Bedouins. Being at deserts, will help you experience nature and stay close to the Arabic culture.

Camel Safari

If you have opted for camel safari, forget riding on jeep, instead you will be crossing the desert hopping over the local animal camel. It would be wonderful to travel the whole desert on camel, and the best part to it is nothing is going to interrupt you in between. You are going to be a part of traditional camel group that is going to take you to the camp lit by Arabian lamps. During your journey, make sure to feel the serenity of desert landscape and also enjoy the heritage of Dubai.


Dune Raiders

If you love adventure and think that camel safari won’t be an exciting thing for you, then you can probably opt for some more adventure with Dune Raiders. It is one of the best 4×4 experiences one can have while being on the desert. Dune raider shall allow you to drive your jeep, quad bike or buggy on your own. So, you can go through sand dunes all by yourself. It is one of the best desert safari deals for people who love to experience adventure and thrill. However, keep in mind that riding the vehicle on your own would put certain limitations on you in terms of speed.

Wildlife Safari

Many of us think that desert is not capable of sustaining life, but that is not the fact. You will be surprised to know that wildlife and plants are a part of desert and they call this place their home. For individuals who are animal and nature lovers, they can choose the wildlife safari deal. During the tour, you will get the chance to visit Dubai desert conservation reserve which is home to Arabian Oryx, gazelles and also other kind of animals.

Luxurious Dinner Safari

This desert safari deals embrace within itself the experience of utmost royalty and luxury. If you have chosen this deal, get ready to be picked up and dropped off from a range rover. Apart from this, you will also be given a welcome pack which will include temporary mobile phone and a menu. Using the menu you can pre order a six course dinner of your choice. During the night, you will get to enjoy your special dinner under the desert stars and also lamps which have been specifically lit for you. This special treatment and dinner is just one part of the package, rest you can have access to camel rides, site seeing opportunities, cultural show, and also falconry display.

The Last Words

The choice of best desert safari dealswill havea great impact on the overall experience of desert safari. Hence, people considering to visit desert safari, must take due efforts and choose a package which best suits their choice and preferences. Once a wise choice of package is done, nothing can restrain you from planning and having the best time at desert safari.