The Botswana wildlife safari takes place over the three main animal regions of the country

The Botswana wildlife safari takes place over the three main animal regions of the country. Each offers a different set of wildlife and tour activities which should be the guideline for the booking.

Booking into a Botswana wildlife safari will essentially alleviate you of all responsibility or arranging the holiday and then all of the mundane logistics once you arrive. So what exactly is the process of booking into a Botswana wildlife safari and what do guests get out of it.


All of the major components of a trip from meals to transport and lodges will be included in the Botswana wildlife safari package. The 2 particularly exciting factors are the tour guide and the planned itinerary. The itinerary is an important aspect of any trip. Maximizing its potential is quite difficult when one does not have a full understanding of an area that has never before been visited. Such is the case of the Botswana wildlife safari. Tour guests will be privy to enjoying all of the famed aspects of the country and not waste a single moment scrutinizing over what to do next. The tour guide is the next element to be a part of the tour package. Their role within the group is to lead, offer assistance whenever necessary and ensure that the itinerary is being stuck to for guests to get the full adventure that they have paid for. In a country such as Botswana where people are hard to come by in the wild, it is a godsend to have the expertise of someone who is so well acquainted with the area.

What you would get out of the Botswana wildlife safari will depend on which time of year you will be going. The green season which is the first few months of the calendar year offers the most in terms of animals. This would make for a great safari adventure and not just for spotting animals but for taking some time out to enjoy their social interactions and predatory movements. Birds migrate in around this time so they will be in abundance as well. This is the time most suited to birding adventures as the lighting is perfect for photography. The middle of the year is what is referred to as the transition season. This is when the habitats tends to dry up, though animals still come out in droves which will not affect the outcome of a successful Botswana wildlife safari. The last few months of the year is the dry season. This is not to say that this time will not be productive in terms of a safari. This is quite the opposite. Animals will be out in larger groups scattered nearby to rivers and lagoons making them an ease to spot. This is the time of year favoured by tourists from colder climates since the temperature drops low enough for the suns heat to not have an extreme effect on them. Dates in this instance are of super importance during the booking of the Botswana wildlife safari.