Wine tours in Cape Town offers guests the chance to sample some of the finest products manufactured in the Cape

Are you planning your next holiday? Consider Cape Town. The city is laden with tourist activities and is often referred to as the most European city in Africa. Although they are many ventures, one noteworthy mention has got to be wine tours in Cape Town. An entire day can be spent browsing through vineyards and cellars, all while taking in new wine experiences. Wine tours in Cape Town offers guests the chance to sample some of the finest products manufactured in the Cape. So class up your holiday and book into this tour. We do say book, because it is quite a popular tour and very few spots are available each and every day. Waiting until you get to the city to get yourself a spot on wine tours in Cape Town is really an unwise choice.

Book yourself into a tour even before you leave for your holiday. Better yet, handle it at the same time you are booking your hotel rooms, car hire or flights. Almost all tour activities in Cape Town can be booked online allowing you to plan each day of your trip, from Robben Island visits to Table Mountain tickets. Even if you do hire out a car for your time in Cape Town, it is preferred to book into wine tours because of their multitude of benefits.  Wine tours in Cape Town are offered by a variable number of travel companies. Wine tours in Cape Town are not large in scale. This is purposely done to give guests more direct access to the guides at each winery. Each winery will give guests the opportunity to sample their products.


In total, around 3 wineries will be toured during a wine tour. Guests will be taken through the estate and shown where the grapes are grown and how it is harvested for wine (depending on the time of year), and finally a chance to taste the wine. This is the part of the tour where questions are usually in play, so even if one does have an intense expertise in wine, this is the ideal time to ask. You would probably be on holiday to Cape Town with a small group consisting of those closest to you. It would make sense then to have wine tours in Cape Town done with just this core group.

This is possible with many travel companies going this route. Wine tastings are a classy, yet socialized affair. Sharing this with fewer people means less waiting around and more time dedicated right to you. Yet, having your friends around makes it all the more social. These will indeed be special memories created on the Cape Town vacation. A quick note to remember about wine tours in Cape Town is to dress comfortably. You will be travelling into the countryside and need to cater for this with your attire. A fair amount of walking and standing on your feet is required also, so footwear must follow this sentiment. Finally, do not wear any heavy colognes or perfumes and avoid breath fresheners and smoking as this will hinder the wine tasting process.