The start areas of the Pamir Highway tour are colder

An adventure at the top of the world. This is what awaits anyone going on the Pamir Highway tour. Done solely through a jeep drive, this holiday package is not for the faint of heart. Rugged, long and packed fill of extreme activities, you would really want a holiday experience out of the ordinary to be able to tackle it. Here, there are no luxuries and Pamir Highway tour guests must be prepared for what lies ahead. Rest times are done at campsites set at the end of each day. Overnight says are permitted at some villages that the Pamir Highway tour passes through and it will be only here that guests will have access to facilities to fully refresh themselves. Rugged as it may be, the Pamir Highway tour balances this out with the array of sights and activities that guests will be able to enjoy. This does provide a distraction during the 3 week journey of not being accommodated in fancy places.


The tour is maximized so that guests get an action packed adventure through this isolated region. The start areas of the Pamir Highway tour are colder and it is at this point that the highway is at its highest elevation point. The more extreme guests will even want to cycle this portion of the trip. The altitude levels make it very difficult so being able to tackle it will lead to boasting privileges. Trips into the mountain reveal hot springs, nomadic tribes and the best views. As the Pamir Highway tour makes it way further down into warmer countries like Afghanistan, there is a shift in the trip. Activities at this point include camel riding, zip lining through jungles and even helicopter rides. There truly is no better way to see the entirety of the land than by air.

The climate is a lot more forgiving here which is why water based activities can now be enjoyed as well. Water rafting is a firm favourite of the locals and enjoyed by majority of Pamir Highway tour guests as well. The Pamir Highway tour is a package deal that is inclusive of resting quarters, meals, transport, guides and excursions. This is the basic core detailed in most holiday packages. Also included in the Pamir Highway tour is border permits. This tour passes through 5 countries and these permits are an absolute necessity to be able to pass through the country’s borders. The travel company goes through all of the red tape to ensure that they are applied for and received in time. When booking into the Pamir Highway tour, it is essential to ensure that this is factored into the package. Very few spots open up for this tour each year. People therefore clamour for a spot. The dates are released at least a year before the tour is scheduled to happen but are often sold out within a few days. Stay ahead of the scenario and ensure that you would know when dates will be put out so that you would have an early chance of booking a spot.