The Port Elizabeth International Airport has an array of options to keep you busy while waiting for your flight

After a lovely holiday in the quaint city of Port Elizabeth, it is almost depressing to leave and head back home. If you were one of the wise and arrived into the city via the Port Elizabeth International, then you would use this medium to get back home. Flights are very accessible to South Africans. A fair amount of budget airlines now operate in the country, which have opened up travel to a lot of people. Flying has the advantage of getting you to your destination city a lot faster than road or rail travel. This means more time in Port Elizabeth. For your flight back home from the Port Elizabeth International Airport, you would need to be at the airport on time to check into your flight. Even if you would be using the online option, it is still best to be at least an hour early, just to safeguard yourself and ensure that you will not miss your flight.


The Port Elizabeth International Airport has an array of options to keep you busy while waiting for your flight. Duty free shopping is not of yet provided at the Port Elizabeth International Airport. Still many clothing, electronics and gift stores are located at the main terminal for guests to shop at. The gift shop in particular stocks a wide array of products depicting the city so if you were too busy enjoying yourself on holiday in this laid back city, then now is your time to stock up, right before heading home. If you would be making use of a flight on a low cost airline from the Port Elizabeth International Airportthen you will not be receiving an on board meal. You may want to tackle this at the airport before taking flight. The restaurants are open all day long and only close when the last flight is about to take off.

If you do not like to travel the air with cash, then make use of the bank at the airport to withdraw cash for your holiday. It is the safer option to have it done upon landing. Prayer rooms are quiet areas that can be utilized if some spirituality is needed before taking your flight. The viewing deck is a spot where much time can be spent, simply marvelling at the wonders of aviation technology. If there are kids along for the trip, then this is sure to keep them entertained. Finally, we have the lounges at the Port Elizabeth International Airport. This is free to all travellers who are travelling on a full service airline, though it can be used by any other passenger, provided the entry fee is paid. The Port Elizabeth International Airport keeps in tune with the highly maintained standards of the rest of the city. The tourism aim here, is to get visitors to experience world class treatment and leave with a lasting impression of the city. As the main entry point into the city, it is very important that the airport maintain this image and that all vacationers have a seamless holiday.