The Rwanda gorilla tour is spent actually finding the gorillas and photographing the expedition

A trip to Africa is often a far off travel concept in the minds of many people. Many do not know what to expect or how to even go about planning for a trip to the continent. Even with the many travel packages available, it can be a daunting task. Africa does have some stand out tours such as the Rwanda gorilla tour. The country is becoming famous for its conservation efforts of mountain gorillas and now anyone can book into this tour and see first-hand how this is being achieved. The silver back gorillas were close to extinction and are now thriving at the Volcanoes National Park. The tour is more of a safari where guests would venture out into the huge enclosed park to see the gorillas.

It may seem like a week is a long time in just one area and for just one species of animal, but much of the time on the Rwanda gorilla tour is spent actually finding the gorillas and photographing the expedition. Here lies the only place on earth that you would be able to see 10 species of gorillas, all in their homestead. The best time to go on the Rwanda gorilla tour is from December to June. These are considered the drier months, however rainfall does occur. This can make the journey inside the park a little difficult so it should be expected by anybody going on the expedition. Packing for the trip is therefore crucial. Clothing must be light coloured and long.


The light colouring is to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible and not to get the gorillas attention. Longer clothing is to protect from both the sun and from mosquitoes. Essentially all Rwanda gorilla tour types are photo based. The backdrop of the entire park makes a splendid canvas and the gorillas themselves are highly photogenic. Even if one only has a limited photography knowledge going into the Rwanda gorilla tour, this is not to be a problem. The guide is there not just to tackle the lead in finding the gorilla but to provide assistance in photographic endeavours as well.

This is done both at the lodge base and during outings as well. It is a very exciting adventure. You never know where the gorillas will be for the day and will have to track them. Guides have a very high track record of finding them so it never is a wasted day. The park is huge and vehicles are used to get around but there are many instances such as when going up mountains that some hiking will be required. Don’t worry, there’s no rock climbing or anything like that. Trails are found at every corner, making the hike easier. For the Rwanda gorilla tour, guests will only have to get themselves to the city of Kigali, from which point they will be picked up and taken to the park. The tour can be done in as little as 4 days or for as much as a couple of weeks. Staying indefinitely is not allowed as only a select amount of permits are given to guests.